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Writing Naked

I had no idea what to expect when I started writing this blog a couple of years ago. I know that my intention was to write about some of the resources I’ve found that helped me through Recovery, depression and anxiety. I found out… Continue Reading “Writing Naked”

Living: Step Into the Flow

In my first blog, I wrote that my goal in writing this blog was to share my journey to create a different life for myself in the hopes that you might find some things helpful to your journey. Along the way, I can’t tell… Continue Reading “Living: Step Into the Flow”

2012 – This Too Shall Pass

Click on the photos for captions. I can’t find my journal that I wrote in last year on New Year’s Day. I always write down goals for the New Year. It’s not really about setting resolutions for me.  It’s more about deciding what I… Continue Reading “2012 – This Too Shall Pass”

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