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Project Love Baton Rouge: Days 12 & 13 – New Office and Magpie’s Coffee

I totally forgot to post yesterday. I got home, did some reading on dehydrating food for my upcoming backpacking trip, practiced yoga and settled in for the night. So, I’m playing catch-up today. And I have plenty of time because it’s a toad-strangler outside A .. G .. A .. I .. N!!!! I’m so irritated

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Mid-Week Share: I am powerless over the seduction of that sultry brew…..coffee.

I woke up at 3 AM this morning reeling in total anxiety. There was no reason for me to feel anxious. There was nothing on my mind. But, my body was wired! My heart was racing. I was wide awake. I couldn’t even land on anything to worry about because everything, for the moment, is cool.

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Living: Taking My Tea Green

I saw my first acupuncturist in 20005. I was trying to get in better health. In particular, I wanted to get off an anti-depressant that wasn’t working for me, and I couldn’t get off it without horrible side effects. I decided to try something different, so I went to East Wind Acupuncture in Chesterton IN

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