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Texting is NOT Dating

I’m sure I’ve written about this before. So, move along if you’ve already heard it. I do not understand this cultural change to texting as a primary form of communication in dating relationships. Well, I shouldn’t say I don’t understand it. It’s easy. It’s…

Living: Can We Just Talk Instead of You Insulting Me?

A month or so ago, a casual dating relationship I was in with an old friend ended abruptly. We weren’t a match for a variety of reasons which we both understood. Instead of him having the kahunas to have a conversation with me, he…

The Gift

I was a blackout drinker. I gave up alcohol in my mid-20s because I was smart enough to realize that my drinking was not normal. But, I had my fill before then. I really can’t recall drinking being fun for me. And, the reality…

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