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Encountering the Black Hole: Grief

A girlfriend of mine is in the process of ending a 5 year relationship with a man she lived with and loved. In this not-so-unusual example, he is getting married only a few months after they split. She also works with him, so she… Continue Reading “Encountering the Black Hole: Grief”

Cutting the Ties That Bind

A friend of mine is suffering through a divorce. The divorce is final, but I know from experience that a divorce is not final at the court appearance. It takes years for it to really be done. In this particular drama, one person is… Continue Reading “Cutting the Ties That Bind”

The Act of Surrender

Someone told me about the concept of a God Box a long time ago. I don’t even remember when I first heard of it or who told me. I heard about the concept long before I really needed one. A God Box is a… Continue Reading “The Act of Surrender”

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