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Living: Embracing the Roller Coaster

I love roller coasters. The spring after my second divorce, my friend Elizabeth and I made the journey to Six Flags over St. Louis specifically to ride roller coasters. I wanted to do it for fun, but I really felt like doing something that… Continue Reading “Living: Embracing the Roller Coaster”

Girl Talk: Letter to Myself at 25

A friend of mine and fellow blogger, Jessica Sprenkel, approached me with the idea that she write a letter to her 51 year old self for my blog audience. She is 25. I thought it was a great idea and thought it would be… Continue Reading “Girl Talk: Letter to Myself at 25”

Living: Making Space

When I got to that place in my life where I was sitting in the shambles of what I had created, I felt really defeated. What a mess! It was all a shambles, and I had created it. The woman that told me that… Continue Reading “Living: Making Space”

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