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To Run 26.2 or Not to Run …. That is the Question

I received an email this morning about a movie called Spirit of the Marathon II in my inbox. I loved the first one. It highlighted seven runners who were training for the Chicago Marathon. Some of them finished the training and completed the race.… Continue Reading “To Run 26.2 or Not to Run …. That is the Question”

Cowards and Heroes in Boston

My friend Karen posted this blog on my Facebook Wall yesterday. It’s a beautiful tribute to the people who are spectators at marathons. The senseless act that was committed on Monday at the Boston Marathon was truly cowardice and hate in its truest sense… Continue Reading “Cowards and Heroes in Boston”

Let’s get physical…

Fitness is a priority for me. Now…don’t stop reading…haha. Let me tell you my spin on it. Yes, there are all the advantages of weight loss and maintenance and good health, etc. – but, we all know that. I move because it opened up… Continue Reading “Let’s get physical…”

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