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Blocking the Flow: Perfectionism

Week 7 of the Artist’s Way – the first week of the second half of the workshop – was profound for me. I found myself the last two weeks feeling a little blah about my forward movement but trusting that the process was still… Continue Reading “Blocking the Flow: Perfectionism”

Perfectionism and Its Opposite: Compassion

I have never struggled with perfectionism. At least that’s what I always thought. I’m not the kind of person that needs every document to be perfect or to make straight As in class. My house is never spotless. Okay … well, it’s pretty clean… Continue Reading “Perfectionism and Its Opposite: Compassion”

Girl Talk: The War on Our Bodies

There cannot be a Girl Talk Series without talking about body image, so let’s just get it over with. I’m 51 years old, and I still have teenage girl feelings about my body. The problem is that, as a teenager, I had much less… Continue Reading “Girl Talk: The War on Our Bodies”

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