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Noodling a New Freedom

Lately I find myself thinking about “place” and freedom a lot. I’ve lived in Harlingen TX, Jacksonville FL, Pittsburgh PA, Knoxville TN, Seattle WA, St. Joseph MI, Chesterton IN, Memphis TN and here in Baton Rouge LA. And, yet, I still have wanderlust. I… Continue Reading “Noodling a New Freedom”

Day 9: Relocation Mode – It’s Party Time!

So, it’s been 9 days since I’ve given my notice at work. I’m hopeful – very, very hopeful. I have a buyer taking a second peek at my house on Sunday. My cousin Bonni has found me a potential rental house in Baton Rouge,… Continue Reading “Day 9: Relocation Mode – It’s Party Time!”

Day 6: Relocation Mode: Shifting Energy

Whenever I’ve moved, I’ve always envisioned a move like a seesaw. You know the seesaws we used to play on as kids? You always had to have people who were equal-sized on each end. Otherwise, one end would hover too high, and the other… Continue Reading “Day 6: Relocation Mode: Shifting Energy”

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