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Getting Your Rabbit On: Becoming Real

When the SOUL is neglected, it doesn’t just go away, it appears systematically in obsessions, addictions, violence and loss of MEANING. ~~Thomas Moore One Christmas season, I saw The Velveteen Rabbit on television. This was before I had started doing the work on myself… Continue Reading “Getting Your Rabbit On: Becoming Real”

Living: Finding my Music

This series is about finding those things that make you who are. It’s about making life better. What makes your heart sing? What touches your soul? I’ve discovered in midlife (I hate to say it, but I’m dangerously close to the senior citizen category.… Continue Reading “Living: Finding my Music”

Music: My Drug of Choice

Memphis is a musical town. I didn’t take advantage of that until the last few years. I didn’t even know how much I loved music until I started exploring some of the music venues in Memphis. I mean, I’m well aware of the role… Continue Reading “Music: My Drug of Choice”

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