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Sunday Night Check-In: A Michigan Spring

In June of 2000, I moved from Seattle to a small town on Lake Michigan called St. Joseph. It’s tagline is a “Special Place on the Lake.” Since 1993 I had been employed by Whirlpool Corporation in various roles, and I was thrilled to… Continue Reading “Sunday Night Check-In: A Michigan Spring”

Exploring the Future… Through the Lens of the Past

I’ve started an exciting exploration this week. I’m going through a process to look at my career through the lens of my personality and my interests. It’s fun because I’m not necessarily doing anything right now. I’m just sticking my hand in the cookie… Continue Reading “Exploring the Future… Through the Lens of the Past”

St. Joseph MI…..A Cold Winter’s Night

It’s cold in Memphis. Tonight and last night, the temperature has dropped below 32 at night. For Memphis, that’s pretty cold. It’s not unusual in the winter, but we sort of like it around the 45 degree mark here in the winter. It’s just… Continue Reading “St. Joseph MI…..A Cold Winter’s Night”

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