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The Adventure Continues: Tulsa

I’m sold on Tulsa. Jessica says Tulsa feels like Austin might have felt 20 years ago. You never have to wait at restaurants. Parking is always plentiful, and it’s mostly free. And, I can say from being here for two days that the people… Continue Reading “The Adventure Continues: Tulsa”

Safe Landing in Tulsa

My sleep in Paris was short. My body clock doesn’t care what time I quit blogging, working out, or fretting over life to fall asleep. Come 5 AM, it usually jolts to a highly awake state. I can toss and turn and try to… Continue Reading “Safe Landing in Tulsa”

To Run 26.2 or Not to Run …. That is the Question

I received an email this morning about a movie called Spirit of the Marathon II in my inbox. I loved the first one. It highlighted seven runners who were training for the Chicago Marathon. Some of them finished the training and completed the race.… Continue Reading “To Run 26.2 or Not to Run …. That is the Question”

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