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The Gift is in DOING It

I love reading the graduation speeches of celebrities and known scholars. Often buoyed by the wisdom of life and the school of hard knocks, they focus on what really matters in life. For graduates who are consumed with this huge leap into the unknown… Continue Reading “The Gift is in DOING It”

Bringing God to Work

It took me awhile in my spiritual walk to bring God to work. I don’t know why, but somehow I thought God didn’t really care about Corporate America, the way I make my living and all the stupid political games that go on there.… Continue Reading “Bringing God to Work”

Living: Making Space

When I got to that place in my life where I was sitting in the shambles of what I had created, I felt really defeated. What a mess! It was all a shambles, and I had created it. The woman that told me that… Continue Reading “Living: Making Space”

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