Thanksgiving Journey: Italian Delicacies, Peacocks and Friends

My gay boyfriend Michael and my running coach Jessica somehow managed to move 15 minutes away from each other in Tulsa. They both lived in Memphis at one time but have never met. Between the three of us, we've moved 8 times since we lived in Midtown Memphis. When a Thanksgiving invitation came around, I … Continue reading Thanksgiving Journey: Italian Delicacies, Peacocks and Friends

The Fruit of the Spirit

I've had writer's block for awhile now. I've been really working with it for over a year, and the magic seems to have evaporated. My head used to be full of stories, and my day would be scattered with seemingly magical moments where topics would arise out of nowhere. Gleefully, I'd grab it, run with … Continue reading The Fruit of the Spirit

Don’t Push the River

I'm re-reading Richard Rohr's Everything Belongs: The Gift of Contemplative Prayer. I bought the book a couple of years ago at the urging of my college friend, Russell. It was an excellent read, and I got in the mood to read it again - just in case I might have a different perspective now. I … Continue reading Don’t Push the River

Chicago From a Window Seat

A man on the streetcorner amplifies his voice through a bullhorn. "Jesus loves you," he screams to no one in particular. A taxi horn toot-toots. Shoppers swarm across the bridge wearing dark coats, bright hats and multi-colored gloves as if it's a uniform. The wound on my back throbs. I should have bandaged it I … Continue reading Chicago From a Window Seat

My Trusty Rides

I'm not sure what month I purchased them. Sometime last fall, I committed to running again and walked over to Connected Soles, the running store two blocks from my house. The shoe specialist offered me some choices, and I ended up with a pair of purple Saucony Rides. They felt so comfy on my feet … Continue reading My Trusty Rides

#PhoneBreakUp: It’s Over

So I broke up with my phone. You can read more about my initial journey by going to the category on my blog entitled How to Break Up With Your Phone. I use it mainly for listening to podcasts and tracking my runs with an occasional glance at the news. And, of course, I watch … Continue reading #PhoneBreakUp: It’s Over


Today, October 20, is the National Day on Writing. And thousands of people are sharing the reasons they write with the hashtag #WhyIWrite. I'm not sure why I've never heard of this day before, but I thought I should be a part of it now that I know it exists. In reflecting on #WhyIWrite, I … Continue reading #WhyIWrite

Subtle Shifts Matter

I learned to motivate myself by being hard on myself. You are a loser, so you'd better shape up. You're fat... better exercise and eat right. Nobody likes you, you'd better learn to be nice.┬áBeing mean to myself doesn't motivate me. Yes, it might cause me to get started with some action, but the shame … Continue reading Subtle Shifts Matter

Running Through the Stars

For some reason, the city of St. Joseph isn't turning on the street lights about half the time in my neighborhood. It's a little irritating when I have to run early because it's really dark out. But I'm loving running amid the nighttime sky. The stars are amazing here in rural Michigan, and without the … Continue reading Running Through the Stars