Great Evening for a Run




After last week’s push with training and getting my floors done, Monday seemed like a cake walk. I got done with work around 5, and I headed home to get Ashok to go for a long-awaited run. I’ve been sporadic at best the last few weeks, and I’m feeling it. She was boarded last week so I know she was anxious to get out. I could hardly wait to put on a windbreaker and my running shoes to get out the door.

We ran the mile downtown, and I decided that we would head out on the pier beside the lighthouse. When I lived here before, I went out there all the time, but I haven’t been since I moved back. We meandered through downtown, over the sidewalk on the beach and headed out toward the lake.

It was very breezy, and the whitecaps were kicking up and over the lighthouse. I’ve seen it a lot worse, but when it’s worse, you really can’t get out there. It was just a perfect evening to get a feel for the power of Lake Michigan when the wind is blowing off the water. I’d forgotten about the wind here. Louisiana had monsoon rains that blew my mind, and St. Joseph has wind that rattles my windows and makes me worry about the stability of my house.


After hanging out a bit at the end of the pier, we turned around and ran home. I cooked some cabbage soup, roasted carrots and applesauce for dinner, and I was able to actually sit down and blog tonight. I hope the rest of the week brings some normalcy, and I can get back on track with my exercise and eating right.

Good night, y’all!


Sunday Night Check-In: History Lessons



I spent all day yesterday with my Repair Man Extraordinaire assembling my futon for my friend JoAnn’s visit in the next few weeks, painting the dining room heating vent, and many other small tasks. I’m surprised that John doesn’t run from me when he sees me yet, but he keeps showing up to help me with tasks and mow my yard. If I don’t run him off too soon, he’ll also be my snow removal hero. Oddly enough, he asked me to go out to dinner with he and his wife and some friends after a long day of putting my house in order.


Woodie’s Tavern is a hole-in-the-wall in Stevensville MI. I lived right around the corner when I lived here before but I’d never heard of it. They serve a prime rib special on Saturday nights for $12.95. I didn’t have extremely high expectations of this place, but I have to say that the prime rib was very good, and the place was hopping. I mentioned to my new friends that I was from Louisiana, and I was informed that there were two guys from Louisiana that were regulars at Woodie’s. When they heard I was from the Watson area, I was summoned to their table.


Jimmy and Richard each grew up no more than 10 minutes from me. In typical Watson fashion, we reviewed the list of relatives and had the “who’s his Daddy” conversation until we were pretty sure that we knew all of the same people. Seems these guys are pipe fitters at the nuclear plant here, and they’ve been coming up for months at a time for almost 30 years. I’m still stunned that in all of the places we both could have been we ended up in the same small town bar in Stevensville MI.


After working so hard yesterday and last week, I decided to take today off and go north. It was a beautiful day, and the fall foliage is starting to peak. Next weekend will probably be better, but it was a very lovely fall day. I stopped at Ottawa Beach near Holland MI to take Ashok for a walk.

The area was beautiful, and after reading the historical markers, I realized that this was once a vibrant vacation spot for Chicago natives and Michigan folk. The Ottawa Beach Hotel once stood in this area, and people flocked here to enjoy the beach and Lake Michigan. The hotel has long since burned down, but the Pump House still stands and is in great condition. The Pump House was build less than a decade after Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity. Today it is a museum, but I didn’t get a chance to to go in. I’d really like to go back and spend the day here. The place was lovely, bike paths were literally all over the place, and I’d like to go inside that lighthouse if I can figure out how to get over there.



Two young men made a silent movie about the Pump House in Ottawa Beach in 1972…..

Y’all have a great week. If you have some downtime, go to the website on Ottawa Beach. There are some fabulous old photos of this hot spot. I can see why it was so popular!


Sunday Night Check-In: A New Normal


This weekend felt like a regular weekend for a change. I promised myself that I wouldn’t get involved in a house project other than cleaning up, and I made an appointment for a massage and a facial so I could “reset” this body of mine that has carried me through about three months of insane physical stress. This week I’ll get the last of the scheduled house projects done when my floors get refinished, and I plan to stop and get back to living my new life.

I was beat Friday. We have over 100 people coming in for training this week from all over the United States, Mexico, Canada and India. This is the big training event that has been in the works ever since I started. I wish I could say the work will all be over after that, but it’s really just the beginning. That being said, I’m starting to figure things out and feel more at home. After this training – I’ll be learning, too – I should better understand the new world I’m working in and will start to feel more at home. So, Friday I came home, cooked a simple dinner of veggies and eggs and went to bed early.

Saturday, Ashok and I went on a run at Harbor Shores which is a Jack Nicklaus “Signature” Golf Course on the banks of Lake Michigan. The course is amazingly beautiful. They took great care to preserve the wetlands surrounding Lake Michigan and the Paw Paw River, and the holes weave in and out of the wetlands, the river’s bends and the sand dunes. Walking trails were built all throughout so everyone can enjoy – golfers or not. Ashok couldn’t swim in Lake Michigan at Jean Klock Park, but she did take a dip in the Paw Paw River at a particularly beautiful spot. It was a lovely morning even though it was cloudy. The temperatures hovered near 70 all weekend.


I showered, ran a few errands and then went to the Inn at Harbor Shores to get a massage and a facial at their spa. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Whirlpool employees get a discount. The spa was small but lovely, and I spent some time sitting in the sauna and the relaxation room in between treatments. I needed them both so bad. I missed having my facial with my friend Lisa because we’d always catch up and have a nice long visit, but Kelly was phenomenal, and I left with rosy cheeks and a much more relaxed swagger. I even felt so good that I took Ashok out for a short hike at dog-friendly  Grand Mere State Park.

Today, I set out to make some new friends, and went over to the local visitor’s center, St. Joseph Today. Karen, one of the employees there, has been chatting with me on Facebook, and she also delivered my Welcome Packet after I bought my new home. I was dying to meet her, so I went downtown to the old bank building that St. Joe Today calls home. It was a lovely old building, and, even though Karen was disappointed that I didn’t bring Ashok along, we had a nice visit. She told me about the Luminary Festival and a cool train ride that I might take this fall to enjoy what the area has to offer.


I love the bank vault in the background!

I drove north to South Haven – another cool little town on the lake – to my first Meetup Group. The “Friends Over 50” group was small but really nice, and I met several locals and a few newly relocated Chicagoans. We stayed longer than our time allowed since we were having so much fun at Cafe Julia which is a lovely coffee shop with a delicious turkey cranberry sandwich. Before we left, the organizer of the group made us all co-organizers of the Meetup Group so we could add events as we saw fit. Everybody is trying to meet people and get to know the area, so I hope we can grow our little circle into something nice.

Now I’m curled up with Ashok and starting to prepare for tomorrow. All of our travelers should be at the Inn at Harbor Shores or en route at this moment, and I need to tie up a few loose ends before I hit the sack. I feel rested and connected, and I’m ready to get ‘er done. This time next week I’ll have my floors done, and I can relax at home! I can’t wait.

Y’all have a good week. 


Night Moves … Down on Main Street

Today was a day of too many spreadsheets and not enough love. I came home exhausted but couldn’t stop working until I made a dent in the mountain of stuff on my list. My appliances for my kitchen finally arrived, and I had my head down working while the guys removed the door of the fridge to jam it through my door. They were working hard, but I didn’t have much sympathy since I was killing myself, too.


They got my attention when I heard them say “It doesn’t fit.” I looked up. They both looked at me and the big guy said, “It’s not going to fit. You’re going to have to get somebody with a saw to open this up a little more.” I knew it. I worked in customer service for Whirlpool long enough to hear a hundred customers complain that they had to redo their opening because it wasn’t big enough. But the guy said it was about 2 cm on either side, so it’s not that big of a deal. I just have to find a guy with a saw, and I didn’t get to cook dinner tonight.

I drove down to Caff Tosi and bought a container of their yummy minestrone soup to heat up in the microwave. Ashok was looking at me with those big brown eyes, and I knew I had to take her for a walk, but I was dog tired. I thought I’d just take her around the block, but once I got outside all of the spreadsheets and centimeters and irritating issues just flew out of my head. I decided to head down to the beach.

The lake was quiet.. the water lapping against the shore. The sun was long gone, and there was just a hint of light on the horizon casting a glow behind the clouds. The moon hung high in the sky, and Ashok and I enjoyed the peace and quiet. There was a guy on his cell phone walking and a couple with their dog. The crowds of the summer were just a memory. It was peaceful in this sweet little Midwest town.

Silver Beach Pizza was hopping with their new outdoor addition, and I could hear the patrons laughing and talking as the night carried their voices down to the shore. I walked up the stairs on the bluff and took a minute to appreciate this lovely little place on the lake. It was nights like this that brought me back here. I even imagined what it’s going to look like snowy white with icicles hanging from the eaves. It has it’s charm then, too. And even though I don’t want to rush it, I’m looking forward to a change of season.

Bob Seger was singing Night Moves as I strolled through the lovely Victorian neighborhood, and as I crossed over Main Street, I remembered he had one about that, too. I didn’t remember where he was from, but it’s no wonder his music danced in my head tonight. He’s from the Detroit area, so Michigan is his home. Perhaps he was writing of a town just like this one so many years ago.

I haven’t been writing a lot lately. I’ve been tired. Work is hard. In the last month every weekend has been spent getting my house in order. I promised myself tonight that I will start writing again and get back to my life. Fall will slip away quickly, and I will have missed it. Maybe my walk tonight is not the kind of night moves Bob Seger was remembering, but to me it felt awesome.

Good night, y’all. Take a minute to enjoy the evening. The moon waits for no one.

Sunday Night Check-In: Organized


Last week was a big week at work for me. Our training event that had been in the works ever since I arrived on Whirlpool soil was held, and I think it went very well. But I had some early starts, and I was worn out by the end of each day. So, my house and me got short shrift last week. I didn’t eat well, I didn’t exercise, and my house was a disaster. I promised myself I’d do better over the weekend and would get back to normal this week.

Before and after…


One of the issues with my house is the lack of closet space on the main floor. There are some tiny closets, but houses that are 100 years old are just not made to hold all of the stuff we collect these days. My shoes were all over the floor, and I couldn’t make those shelves hold all of the things I crammed on them. Every time I looked in my closets or tried to find anything, I got frustrated and started to think I was going to have to remodel my house already. I was exhausted just thinking about it. .


My friend Angel told me she was one of those household organizers when I saw her in Chicago. I texted her and sent pictures of all of my problem closets. She sent me some suggestions, and I checked out her company’s website – Organizing Boston. I got some great ideas from their Facebook page, and I headed out to TJ Maxx to see if they had some stuff I could use to get organized. If not, I planned to head to Mishawaka IN which is the closest large shopping district to me.

Before and after linen closet…

TJ Maxx had more than enough baskets and bins for me to organize my tiny closets, my bathroom and my makeup drawer. I still need to do something with my jewelry, but I feel so much better now that my things are put away nicely. I feel so much better than I made lunch for tomorrow, and I am making plans to get out and exercise early. This week is going to be a better week.

My hall closet… I wish I had a before picture. It was awful.


If you have any great tips on organizing jewelry, drop me some suggestions. Angel suggested this cork board! I think it’s pretty cool.




Life’s About Changin’ … #nothingstaysthesame


My childhood girlfriends at my going away party in July.

This morning I led an activity with my work group about change. Change is so hard but it is inevitable no matter how hard we dig our heels into whatever earth we cling to. We have no choice in this life but to change. If we don’t bring change, life will place it in our path.

The participants brought up the changes they have had to make in parenting as children grow and change and the inevitable sorrow at seeing them grow into young adults who walk into the sunset to make their own lives. Some brought up career changes, relocation and the transition from college to being an adult. As each of them shared I thought of the many changes that I’ve navigated through my 55 years on this earth.


My new porch is now filled with jackets that are easy to grab….

I thought of my final drive out of my driveway in Watson headed to Harlingen TX and my first job on my own as a 22-year old college graduate. I remembered that day standing in my kitchen in Knoxville as I packed up my kitchen gadgets that I’d collected over the years as a homemaker. I looked at those boxes and wondered at how that woman had changed since I’d bought those things. That first divorce was a huge leap over a river of fear that I’d never make it on my own. I made it my own then, and I’ve made it on my own many times since. My fear was irrational.

What makes change so hard is the uncertainty of what’s next. It’s that “in-between place” that makes me so uncomfortable. I somehow have to tap into the hope that I will land on my feet somewhere on the other side. I resisted change for so long, and the resistance made it even harder for me to change in the long run. I had no evidence that it would all turn out okay if I just took the next step. I had no reason to trust God and the Universe because I had’t given them the opportunity to show up. My resistance to change was deeply embedded in my need to control the outcome of my life.


And I have new toys in my basement… hell, I have a basement!! LOL

Learning to let go of the past has become easier as I’ve built my muscle with trust. It’s never easy, and it’s always emotional, but I have the faith that it will all work out somehow. And I’ve seen with my own eyes that my limited view of what my life should look like is a small representation of the possibilities. My growth is proportional to my willingness to change and let go of the outcome.

I’m not sure what this move and this new job will bring to my life, but now that I’m getting over the biggest hurdles, I’m starting to feel more comfortable about letting it be what it will be. I love my new little house, and I took care of my self by getting a 15-year mortgage that I can easily afford. I feel really proud of that, and I even have enough space in my income to fix it up like I like it. I’m enjoying long walks around my neighborhood and into downtown St. Joe with my dog. Whirlpool feels good. It feels both old and new, and I feel like I fit. I plan on taking ice skating lessons at the end of the month so I can walk over to the ice arena once it opens. Even though I never anticipated this major change at this time in my life, it feels really good.


My friend Jean Ann’s kids watch as the flood waters rise in their house … 

It was hard to drive away from Louisiana with my friends in need from the flood. I somehow felt that I was being selfish moving on. But the train was rolling, and I had to go. My next phase, it seems, was somewhere else on a northern shore. I felt like the little girl in the back of that ’59 wagon…

Life’s about changin’ …. nothing ever stays the same…


Sunday Night Check-In: Hardwood, Antiques and Lake Trout



Last week was a killer at work. We have a big training event this week, and I’m the Training Manager. So, I was swamped and worked longer hours than I can remember working in a long time. But I think we are ready. In fact, by Friday morning – even though Friday was brutal – I was singing on the way into work. Tomorrow will be a big day for me, and I’ll be glad when 5:00 PM chimes.


There’s no rest for the weary at home either. Since I already started taking the carpet up in the hallway, I have to keep that train rolling. I pulled up the carpet in the living room and took up staples most of the rest of the afternoon. It was gross under that carpet. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to live with carpet again. In the high-traffic areas, the pad had emulsified and merged with the wood in an almost impossible to remove grip. After donning knee pads and scrubbing with a brush and Murphy’s Oil Soap, I had to scrape up the resulting gel-like substance with a plastic scraper. It was totally disgusting, and I ruined all my towels trying to clean it up. The good news is a contractor looked at it today and said it will clean right up when it’s sanded and refinished. I’m stoked but have to wait awhile for my turn in line.

I took a break this morning and went down to the Antiques on the Bluff with my neighbor Bobbie. Our lawn man, John, and his wife Marge are hot dog vendors on the bluff which overlooks Lake Michigan. It’s a lovely place to be and was a nice, relaxing outing. John fixed me a Chicago Dog with his “twisted” sauce that he calls his St. Joe Dog. It was delicious, and I quite enjoyed talking with him and Marge for an hour or so. He asked me to help him come up with a unique dog for next year. I’m noodling how to make a Cajun dog. He turned up his nose at alligator, but I might have to talk him into trying it.

I spent the rest of the afternoon shopping for slippers and winter clothing at TJ Maxx and then came home to study my training material for tomorrow. I roasted the most amazing cauliflower from the Farmer’s Market and the last of my smoked Lake Trout for dinner. I don’t know if this is the trout I ate, but here’s a taste of Lake Michigan fishing. Enjoy! I have to get an early start tomorrow.  I hope y’all have a great week.  

Shared Treasures and Beautiful Things

I’m settling in to my little cozy house and am starting to make it my own. I took down the broken wooden blinds that covered up my beautiful double-hung windows and let the sun shine in. I’m starting to take up the carpet off my hardwood floors even though it’s a lot harder than I anticipated. The floors underneath have some issues but I think if I get them refinished they will be quite nice. Besides, I don’t like this carpet. It’s got to go anyway. If nothing else, I’ll get a different carpet installed.

Apparently my new company makes appliances, so I got a nice little package of free appliances as part of my offer. I got a call today that my new KitchenAid Duel Fuel Convection Range and my French Door Refrigerator are in and ready to be installed. Unfortunately, I have a huge training event going on next week, so I can’t get them next week. But, I’ll take delivery and have them installed on the 10th. I can’t wait. They will be so gorgeous in my new little kitchen, and I’ll love cooking with gas again. It’s been too long.


I’ve been looking for some nice blankets for my bed. I have those lovely linen sheets, and I bought some flannel for the winter. But, my blankets are all cotton.I have the quilt Momma made, but I’ve been eyeing one of those Woolrich blankets that are so thick and cozy-looking. Hudson Bay blankets are gorgeous, but the price tag on all of these fancy beautiful heirloom-style blankets are upwards of $500 for a queen-size. I’d been thinking I might splurge when it got colder, but I lucked out this week. I found an ad in Whirlpool’s want ads for two Hudson Bay blankets – a queen and a twin –  for $180 for both.


I looked them up on LL Bean last night. The twin blanket retails for $399, and the queen goes for $499. $180 was a steal!! I bought both of them, and I put the queen on my bed over my linen sheets. The stripes are beautiful with my quilt. I’ll probably burn up tonight because it’s just not that cold yet, but who cares. What a nice touch for my new little Michigan bungalow. And when guests come, they have a nice blanket too!

When I emailed Paula, I told her that I had just moved up here from the South and was looking for some nice blankets. Today, I asked her why she was selling them, and she said she was actually moving South, so she needed to get rid of her blankets. We laughed about the swap, and then she told me she will be working at the Whirlpool office where I used to work. We have at least one mutual friend. I told her how much I loved living in Knoxville and working there. She’s a single gal about my age, and she’s off on a new adventure, too. I wished her the best of luck and tucked my blankets into my Rav 4. I wondered if one day I might take off for Knoxville and maybe sell my blankets on the way out. No telling what the future holds.


Mr. Olllhoff is on the right.

The neighbors told me that the original owner of this house was the lighthouse keeper in St. Joe. When I lived here before, I was really interested in those lighthouse keepers that no longer really exist. I wondered what their lives and workdays must be like as they cross the ice-covered piers that bring them out to the lighthouse. They were essential to safely guide boats on the Great Lakes. This man, Ollhoff, was the lighthouse keeper from 1916 – 1927. Since this house is about 100 years old, he would have started working on the lighthouse about the time he built this place. They say he had three little girls, and they lived in the bedroom upstairs.


Mr. Ollhoff and his family shared this house, and now I’m making it my home. Perhaps there are things in the basement marked with his fingerprints. Did he shine up that beautiful hardwood that I’m unveiling. I wonder what he thought of this house, and what it looked like. Would he be shocked that I want to have bare hardwood as my floor? Was it his pride and joy or just a place to live? Did his daughters have lovely memories of this place that I now call my own? And now Paula’s blankets will be my treasure on those cold nights as I write and read and sleep. How many nights did they keep her warm, and did she hate giving them up? Maybe one day some young single gal will find my blankets at a thrift store with their holes and lovely frayed edges and eagerly bring it home.

Ashok is snoring beside me, Buster and Bella are exploring all of the nooks and crannies of this place. My boots are by the front door where I left them, and I’m sipping on herbal tea with honey. It’s time for me to call it a day. Hope y’all sleep well. I even hear it’s cold in Louisiana tonight… go figure


Sunday Night Check-In: Making It On Our Own


Today I started my “carpet” project. I have to say that all of of those people that told me to “just rip up that old carpet” are on my sh*t list. “Rip up the carpet” is a bold understatement. The “ripping up the carpet” took about 10 minutes. The job is more about pulling up carpet staples and those dang little boards with nails all over them around the walls. I started at 12:30 today, and I ended up at about 4. All I did was the hallway.

It got quicker as I got going. I was terribly afraid in the first half hour that I was going to spend the rest of my life “ripping up the carpet” in this house. But pretty soon I was clicking away at a snail’s pace instead of an ant’s pace, and I was making some progress. The staples were last, and I did exactly what this guy said most people do.

So, I went down in my new basement and looked to see if I had the right pliers. I didn’t, but I got my regular pliers, and I made much quicker progress. I will by buying some of those diagonal pliers this week. When I attack the dining room, I’ll do this a lot quicker. I just hope what I find is nice. There were a few bad spots in the hallway, so I’ll need to get them refinished, but it won’t be an emergency.

The rest of my weekend was spent visiting with my Louisiana gal pals and brother on Skype, hanging out with my girlfriends here and cooking up some very lovely local produce and Great Lakes fish. It was nice and cool, so I had the windows open all weekend, and I enjoyed being somewhat settled in my new place.


Me and Nancy in May 2015

My friend Nancy who has been living in the Detroit area is moving to Chicago to start a new job tomorrow. We are so excited that just as I moved here, she has moved within a 90 minute drive from me. She stayed at her Mom’s in Benton Harbor last night, and I texted here and told her dinner was ready. “If you want to stop by, come on,” I said. She said it totally freaked her out that after all the years of us living across the country, she could pop by for dinner. It felt very cool. My friend Autumn and her dog Pumpkin were here as well, and Ashok and Pumpkin and Autumn and I took a stroll downtown after dinner for dessert.

Nancy and I met for breakfast this morning, and we took a chance to talk about the way our lives and our friendship has turned out. I met her at my yoga teacher training class in 2002. She and I were both married, and we became fast friends. We had lots in common and not always in the best of ways. But we supported each other and tried to manage a friendship with two rocky marriages falling apart behind the scenes. We eventually lost touch and caught up with each other right after I moved back to Louisiana. She was ending a relationship and living in Seoul. I was in a mess with a job that wasn’t working and trying desperately to get back on track.


Yoga Teacher Training Class – I was behind the camera. Nancy is short doll with the short “do” near center. We wore our hair in the same super short style.

Our friendship sort of blossomed during that time, and we held on to each other and kept each other from drowning for quite awhile. Eventually she came back to the states and got back on her feet in a traveling job, and I found some stability where I was. But, all of a sudden, we each had great new jobs fall into our laps out of the blue, and here we were eating eggs on a Sunday morning in Benton Harbor. It just seems crazy somehow. If you’d have told me this would happen 6 months ago, I would have told you to stop dreaming.

Nancy and I have always had drama with men. It has been the thread that has been woven throughout so many conversations and too many gallons of tears. After talking for about 30 minutes today, Nancy looked at me and said “Can you believe we’ve been talking this long, and the subject of men hasn’t even come up?” We both laughed at that and talked about how that is the furtherest thing from our minds at this moment. As they say, we have come a long way, baby.


I’ve read that women reach their peak professionally after menopause when our hormones aren’t driving our agendas, and our best interests start to dominate our plans for the future. I’m seeing it myself. I’d love to find a relationship that works, but I’m truly okay if I don’t. If I find one it would have to be really right for me. I’ve never before felt so clearheaded about the space a relationship should hold. And it allows me to make decisions based on my needs and my future which is very empowering.  Like my “carpet” project, it hasn’t been easy. It’s all been much more complicated than I could have ever imagined.

So I just bought a 100-year-old bungalow in St. Joseph MI with proceeds from my new, fabulous job at an international company, and Nancy is about to take Chicago by storm in her suit and pumps. We both couldn’t stop smiling through our tears at the way this has all ended up. Of course it’s not over, but it’s sure looking good right now. We both have been blessed with good jobs that will help us pave the way to retirement and financial freedom without having to depend on somebody else. With our history, we would have both found this an unbelievable turn of events.

One of my favorite shows growing up drove my dreams of a professional life and what that might look like as a woman. I always thought I’d be married, but Mary Tyler Moore showed us all that a single woman could go after her dreams and make it in a man’s world. My childhood was deeply influenced by her charm and poise and talent, and I truly think it made me believe that I could make it on my own. Nancy posted the theme song on her timeline yesterday, and I have to concur. We are going to make it after all!

Good luck tomorrow, Nancy!  You got this, girlfriend!!

Please Step Into the Door


“Please step into the door,” the automated voice in the revolving door says to me every morning when I walk into the offices at Whirlpool. It has become the cue for me to be present and shift gears into work mode.

The movers came Tuesday, and I began the physically and emotionally challenging journey of making my new house a home. They unpacked my stuff at my request, but they can’t put anything away so it just laid in piles on the floor. Michael says he hates the “unpacking” option because it’s too overwhelming, but I prefer it because I hate dealing with boxes. It’s one more gigantic task I have to do in an already overwhelming job. I decided Tuesday night that I would “let sleeping dogs lie” until I got home from work on Friday. I was tired, and I just couldn’t face the task before me.

Work is intense, but I’m starting to really love it. With a new job the task is overwhelming. Learning new names and new people and new processes and an environment can be exhausting. And I am in the middle of a project where even the long-time employees are looking at deadlines and shaking their heads in disbelief. It’s a lot for this curly-haired gal who craves lots of downtime and peace.


So this week when I’d walk up to that door and hear her say “Please step into the door,” I’d take a deep breath and try to pull up energy from the earth. It was a gigantic mental and energetic shift, and I knew that it would be full bore all day long. Whirlpool’s office design is ideally suited for the way I work. I have a cubicle where I can light, but I spend the majority of my day in “huddle rooms” that are scattered all over the building. If I need to meet with a coworker, we just grab a room that is equipped with a full-size projector so we can share screens, a phone and a comfortable space to work. There are also “focus rooms” where I can hole up and work individually. Since we have big screens on the walls where we can view the same documents, we rarely have to print things, but, when we do, we print to our badge. We can access our print queue anywhere across the Twin Cities. Whirlpool has many offices here, and though I don’t move around much, many people do. In my opinion, many of the obstacles to work are removed, and I feel completely supported to do what I need to do.


The view from Friday afternoon’s meeting. Do you see that lake?

We worked full bore Friday until 5, and I came home to my mess at home. I thought I heard a woman at my back door say, “Please step into the door”, but I quickly realized there was no automated door, and this task was not going to be easily done. I took a deep breath and decided to at least put my clothes away in the small closets of this 100-year-old home. It wasn’t an easy task as the best closets are on the top floor, but I managed to make it work. Once I got started I couldn’t stop, and I was once again running from room to room – at home this time. I have a basement, a main floor, and an upper floor. I crashed at 10 PM, but I managed to get my bedroom and dressing area completely set up. By the time my friend Kathy got here at 10 AM Saturday, I was ready to hang pictures and start cleaning up. We spent all day Saturday hanging pictures and decorating.

I cooked a late dinner at home Saturday night. I put a load of clothes in the wash, and I set up my yoga space for my nightly meditation. There is work to be done, to be sure, but this morning I’m drinking my coffee on my favorite chaise with all three of my fur babies resting beside me. They are tired, too. They LOVE the stairs and all of the different levels. So they’ve been climbing stairs and exploring ever since things got a little cleaned up Friday. We are all tired and happy to be home at last.


Tomorrow when the lady asks me to “Please step into the door” I will feel more rested and settled. The revolving door of work will not be so daunting. I’ll know that I have a place to rest when the day is over. I will have lunch to pack and dishes to pack it in. The drama that began on July 2 with a request to send my resume to Whirlpool is now complete. Let the adaptation begin!!

Now excuse me while I cook breakfast and go back to bed.