The Sound of Winter

The Big Sable River The wind from the lake whips and wooshes around the corner of my house. Hurricanes from Louisiana days flash through my mind, but there is no pitter patter of raindrops. The squish squish of my boots squeak through the snow drowning out the silence of the snowfall. My heart beats with … Continue reading The Sound of Winter

The Year to Connect

Jessica challenged me to think of a word for 2019. I've already been telling my team that "flexibility" is our word for 2019. We have numerous new initiatives that will require flexibility in the way we deliver training and in our design. In my personal life, however, I think I'm flexible enough. I can bend … Continue reading The Year to Connect

Listening to my Body

I started Jessica's Fit Camp this week. I realized last year with my long distance running that my body is just not as strong as it used to be. Of course, there are times in my life when I've been stronger due to more focus on strength training, but my overall strength is starting to … Continue reading Listening to my Body

Creating Space #ywadedicate

This morning's practice (Day 13 of the Dedicate Yoga Journey) was about creating space. In the first few minutes, I moved stiffly into a twist from a standing forward bend. Mind you I had been in bed only 30 minutes before. After the initial resistance from my creaky joints, my heart opened up to the … Continue reading Creating Space #ywadedicate

It’s All Fake

"It's all fake," my friend Becky said when I told her I got off Facebook for good. Facebook felt fake. I know some of those "friends" in real life, and they aren't that damn happy. And how do these people in their 30s afford to travel all over the world when I'm lucky if I … Continue reading It’s All Fake

The Dark Season

My boss handed me her "Happy Light" today and told me to use it while she was out. "It works," she said. "It's already making me feel better." The darkness in Michigan starts to take its toll around this time of year. It gets increasingly worse for awhile even though the days are getting longer. … Continue reading The Dark Season

It’s More Fun With Girls in the House!

There's a line in the lady's room at the Capitol! Woohoo... things are looking up. I have found myself smiling more than once this week and outright chuckling a few times at the splash of color - both figuratively and literally - in a typically old white man's parlor. Our youngest congresswoman is playfully enjoying … Continue reading It’s More Fun With Girls in the House!

Day 3: Channeling Winslet

In this morning's yoga practice, Adrienne encouraged me to imagine myself as Kate Winslet "flying" over the sea at the bow of the Titanic. I know the story doesn't end all that well. But, really, do any of us know how this day will end. What if these were our last moments? Would you want … Continue reading Day 3: Channeling Winslet

Got ‘er Done! #ywadedicate

Today was sunny! I got home from work, changed clothes and took Ashok for a 3.5 mile run. It was a lovely night out. Ashok was so happy especially when we came upon this big puddle. She started sprinting toward it, dragging me with her and then jumped and splashed through it like a puppy. … Continue reading Got ‘er Done! #ywadedicate

Discerning I’m Lazy #ywadedicate

I walked out of the building tonight, and I shivered. Ice mixed with snow fluttered toward the ground propelled sideways by gusts of wind. Brrrr... I pulled my coat tighter around my neck and hurried to my car. Ice coated the windshield like a hard rock outer coating. I couldn't bear to get out of … Continue reading Discerning I’m Lazy #ywadedicate